We specialize in providing high-quality equipment, trained and experienced personnel and also putting safety as top prioriity for offshore engineering and integrity works. Partnering with leading Engineering firms across the country in providing viable services for support to offshore operations, we encourage and driive support capacity strengthening through training and engagement of skilled personnel and manpower.  


Chairborne provides a wide range of offshore support services, including Anchor Handling support for offshore vessels, Accommodation and support for production platforms whete necessaey and required, and heavy lift services with sheerlegs for module integration. We also offer charter services of Tugs, Barges, Auxiliary crafts, Speed boats, Platform Support Vessel (PSV), Fast Supply Intervention Vessel (FSIV) and pontoons for transport services and workstations. 


At Chairborne, we ensure efficient service delivery, and operation of the clients offshore production facility, onshore plant or terminal remains our top priority. Our ability to provide fully-integrated solutions results in clear benefits to our clients – construction and operational optimization, with resultant cost savings.