Chairborne is engaged in the business of maritime security, providing escort and guard services to the marine industry, providing high-tech security solutions for the protection of lives and properties in engineering operational sites; land and waterways. Our partnership with Nautic Africa one of the leading shipbuilders and maritime services providers in Africa has been advantageous in ensuring high-quality and reliable security equipment is sourced.

Together with Nautic the ever-impressive ‘MV Meedoi’, a sentinel class multi-purpose maritime vessel which sets a new standard in innovative design and protection, is fully compliant with the Naval and oil and gas industries operating on the waters of the African continent and beyond. It offers a platform optimised for peak coastal operation performance, mobility and security.

Chairborne provides Security Escort Vessels (SEVs) to support our clients operating within Nigerian Waters and Africa as a whole. The MV Meedoi can reach speeds of up to 27knots over a range of 1007Nm at max speed.