UPDATE: Reportedly, 1 crew died, 1 crew injured. No additional information yet on fire details. As of 1300 UTC Aug 19th 2020, the ship was still adrift, no other ships nearby. Latest: 2nd Engineer died, 3rd Engineer was injured.

Picture Credit from FleetMonhttps://www.fleetmon.com/maritime-news/2020/30641/panamax-bulk-carrier-fire-adrift-arabian-sea-need-/

Bulk carrier FANEROMENI issued distress signal in the morning Aug 19 in Arabian sea E of Socotra, reporting fire on board and requesting medical assistance for an injured crew. No other information available at the moment. The ship is disabled, adrift since around 0200 UTC, still adrift as of 0530 UTC Aug 19, at least two ships seem like they respond to distress call. FANEROMENI id en route from Abu Dhabi UAE to Port Elizabeth South Africa, most probably in ballast.

News source from FleetMon