The Department of Petroleum Resources has approved the use of intrusion detection pipeline technology in the domestic oil and gas sector.

The new technology, our correspondent gathered, would help identify and manage external corrosion, leaks and other interferences, following its technical evaluation and fitness checking by approval officers.

It was further gathered that the approval of the new technology has the potential to stimulate investment in local industry in order to produce the pipes in the country, with a view to creating 400 to 450 local manufacturing jobs and spurring industrialisation.

Mohammed Abdulkarim, Director of ScanTECH IsoPlus Nigeria, the company behind the new pipeline technology told journalists that the technology would play a significant role in improving domestic industry and enabling Nigeria to better compete on a global scale.

While maintaining that the need to fortify the Nigerian oil and gas sector is both compelling and imperative, he said that “Nigerian independent and indigenous companies need to take centre stage in improving pipeline systems, thereby expanding domestic refining and oil and gas production flawlessly to improve the country’s GDP.”‌